The grasslands are many things.  Prairie, plains, steppe, "The Great American Desert," and grasslands are all names that have been applied to the American Mid-Continent landscape.  Whatever we call them, the grasslands are ancient.  All names that fall hopelessly short of capturing the variety of species and scenes that create the highly varied landscapes of the grasslands.

My purpose here is to illustrate how the major species of grasslands vary in the landscape and regionally.  This atlas includes over 600 maps of grass species distribution across Mid-America, descriptions of their site characteristics, and accompanying photographs.

I offer this resource for students, professionals and academics interested in biogeography, grassland ecology, and ecological history of the Great Plains.  It is free for download in whole or in parts.

Please use the following format when citing this reference:

Brown, D.  2015. Environmental Limitations and Morphological Adaptations of Grasses on the Midcontinent Plains:  A Guide to Reestablishment.